American Wood Inspection Services (AWIS) is a third party, ALSC-accredited inspection agency that assists companies in making their wood packaging compliant for export.  Our goal is to assure compliance with international standards in an accommodating and efficient manner with comprehensive and specific inspections.


With more than 15 years of combined experience inspecting wood packaging material for ISPM-15 compliance, American Wood Inspection Services provides the knowledge and expertise to ensure you and your customers have every available resource to export WPM without issue.

“We switched because they offer great service,

competitive pricing and have a knowledgeable, helpful staff who we thought we could do some good work with. All those things are true, and if we have any questions, they’re always here to help us. We really value that.”

- Loren Mintz,
Cedar Box Company


AWIS has the experience and resources to serve all of your wood packaging inspection needs.
Our goal is to provide the best combination of price and service in the industry while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


We will save you money! Inspection fees can be structured a number of different ways depending on your company’s needs. Typically, fees are established at a flat monthly rate, but can also be structures to vary with monthly board footage consumption.


AWIS does not require long-term contracts and service can be cancelled at any time. We also promise to be fair in administering the ISPM-15 regulations.

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